1. Bus drivers take the pish
    In a good way.
  2. Old ladies call me hen.
  3. My feet are wet 80% of the time.
  4. I can eat all the vegan food I want.
  5. I trip over hipsters wherever I go.
  6. The coffee is 💯
    Artisan Roast. I would walk 500 miles.
  7. Yogaaaaa
    And meditation.
  8. The coffee shops are the cosiest.
  9. Vintage shops, secondhand bookshops, boutiquey home/gift/clothes shops.
  10. Related to the last two: I am broke within the first two days.
  11. I am with my pals.
  12. I am haaaappppyyyy.
  13. I am home.
  14. Also, everywhere smells kinda dank.
  15. Static