1. A non-dual mind
    (The very fact that I want one and would put it on a list is proof of exactly how painfully far away I am from that reality 🙄)
  2. For travel to be less uncomfortable and exhausting.
    I am all for experiences and adventure. I am not interested in sleepless nights and long bus rides. Help me out, universe.
  3. To see the Cuban national ballet perform Giselle in Paris this summer.
    This one could actually happen...
  4. Never to be depressed or anxious ever again.
    Healing is long and sometimes it's too long.
  5. To get my PhD.
    Please, please, pretty please?
  6. To finish my novel.
    And get it published?! Universe?! Are you there?! I think I am getting your machine maybe? Do you return calls?
  7. Someone to do my grocery shopping for me.
    I'm a HSP. I need help with life.
  8. To let go.
    So just erase all of the above then? 😐
  9. To get to keep my Gran forever.
    And everyone else obviously... just more aware of her mortality, cos yknow, she's a Gran.
  10. For list to stop with the updates.
    For goodness' sake.