(Or seriously considered stealing)
  1. A flower hair clip
    From Rach. I wear it to almost every wedding.
  2. A hair band
    From Anna. For holding back my hair when applying facial products.
  3. A full cutlery set
    From Gez. Gez doesn't care about stuff. That's what I tell myself anyway.
  4. The scarf in my profile picture
    From Yohan. Only seriously considered this one. I decided I wanted to keep the friendship over the scarf. Yohan values his accessories extremely highly.
  5. A lovely dark green hoody
    From Yohan. Ditto.
  6. Purple pajama bottoms
    From an ex boyfriend. When we broke up, I gave them to Alice. I wish I'd kept them. They were super cosy. Probs weird to ask for them back now...?
  7. Eyeliner
    From Rach. She left it at my house so...
  8. Nocturnes, by Kazuo Ishiguro
    From Richie. I still think about this book.
  9. An Alain de Botton book, which was subsequently stolen by a flatmate
    Also from Richie. It was on patterns of human attraction- why we fall for the people we fall for. Still think about this one too. Richie always lends good books. Which I always keep.
  10. A really nice pair of tweezers
    From my mum. I think my husband has since lost them... I miss them.
  11. A disposable razor
    From Ruthie
  12. A pair of grey gloves
    Were left at my house after a party - didn't exactly make an effort to find the owner. I needed new gloves.
  13. A coat
    From Julia. It was initially supposed to be a loan but she never asked for it back and I like it a lot... It's navy blue and cut just right. Also, it doesn't fit her. So I should just keep it, right? Right?
  14. Body shop hemp hand cream
    From my mum. 5 years ago. She is still annoyed about it.
  15. Most of my DVDs
    From my father-in-law
  16. iPhone earbuds
    From my husband. He is a generous soul. And he doesn't listen to podcasts to manage anxiety. So.