Live listing: la fête de la musique, Strasbourg.

12% battery 😬
  1. Waiting for date and crepe, musique to follow.
  2. Date, crêpes and cidre arrived, phone charging.
  3. All gone! And so are we...
    Off to find us some musique.
  4. High school choir affair
    Points for trying, bravery and enthusiasm from le prof.
  5. People and scenery 1
  6. Les gens et la vue 1
  7. Cover of rains in Africa (real title?!)
    Complete with old folks dancing.
  8. Dj @ académie de la bière
    Big loud bass.
  9. Check out those speakers
  10. Ce chapeau est beaucoup trop cher.
    449€ for a hat?!
  11. Jazz @ l'artichaut
    Former legendary jazz bar. ❤️❤️❤️
  12. Same guys, fave so far.
  13. + trombone
  14. Ska!
    Yes please
  15. Wee girl dancing
  16. Balcony enjoyment
  17. Fountains and main stage
    Place Kléber
  18. Danse africaine
    Excellent dancing/headware game.
  19. Something orchestral
    Place de la cathédrale 👍
  20. This guy is leaving...
    He spent the day at a theme park with 60 teenagers...
  21. But I have pals!!
    Hi Nadia and Guillaume!!
  22. Some serious drumming
  23. Bad dj, dad dancing.
  24. This guy 💪🏿❤️💪🏿
  25. Head banging etc
  26. Main stage again
    Hispanic vibe??
  27. This gal is actually pretty good.
  28. Olivia Ruiz is her name.
  29. On my way home...
    I think?
  30. Belly dancing and a minion.
  31. Murky water, city lights.
  32. De l'eau poisseuse et des lumières de ville.
  33. Ska and a minion, riverside
  34. @ Café Atlantico
    Our favourite bar(ge).
  35. TNS
  36. Tram hangs
  37. J'ai mal aux pieds !
    Time for bed, said Zebedee.
  38. One for the road
    Unicorn balloon 🦄. Life is worth living.