The pros probably only apply if you are wildly enthusiastic in pursuit of said degree.
  1. Pro: you get to see the world through the eyes of endlessly diverse people and cultures. This will give you a leg-up when it comes to understanding the experience of the less privileged, and therefore intersectionality.
    (Maybe not enough politicians have English lit degrees?!)
  2. Con: no obvious career path.
    (Which has its own pro, namely, the character-building lean years of your early twenties.)
  3. Pro: Exposure to literary theory: a cross-section and think tank of almost all other schools of thought.
    Philosophy, psycho analysis, history, feminism and gender studies, queer theory, even scientific theory. Depends on your course's focus but you could theoretically (😉) study ideas from any field, because they can almost all be applied to the study of literature.
  4. Con: student debt.
    I have no plan to pay off mine... maybe ever?
  5. Pro: you can spend your whole day reading and call it work.
  6. Con: I can't think of a con for that one... you might have to read Ulysses? But then at least you can say you read Ulysses.
    I actually read it twice, and skipped the same chapter both times. Could not get through it.
  7. Pro: you have to generate ideas in writing regularly, marked by experts. Your writing will vastly improve, as will your ideas.
  8. Pro: spending all your time analysing texts. Your analytical mind will grow.
    You might eventually become a good psychotherapist? I know a lot of therapists who have English lit degrees... literature is a repository of the human mind, so it figures.
  9. I am out of cons, at this point.
  10. Oh! I thought of one! You will get into atrocious debt spending all your time in cafes and bars, reading and writing and fancying yourself bohemian.
  11. Pro: the study of all these schools of thought, texts, cultures will break open your inherited worldview.
    Every human being needs that. (You may, in fact, learn that no worldview is It, but instead that all worldviews are tools for exploring and experiencing It.)