But am hopelessly incapable of replicating
  1. When people move into a new place, and within days have fully unpacked, redecorated and organised everything how they like it
    Who are you? Are you a human? Last time I moved house, it took us a year to unpack fully (admittedly we were totally broke so couldn't afford to buy furniture to unpack into) and, 3 years in, we're just finishing up decorating and organising... Give us till Christmas. This is a three-room flat you guys.
  2. People who don't care what anyone else thinks.
    My husband is highly skilled in this department. His inner world is so much less stressful than mine. I do not understand how he does it. Maybe because he's French? Il s'en fout de ce que tu penses.
  3. People who have routines, morning or otherwise.
    I try so hard. I feel like I'm supposed to have one, because isn't that what grownups do? (See previous item.) But about three days into a new routine something in me is like "Erm. Why are we doing this? I WILL NOT BE TIED DOWN."
  4. Think of new kinds of food to eat.
    I like to cook. I have a variety of recipes up my sleeve and I improvise well. But when it comes time to decide what's for dinner, all creative powers evaporate instantly. I have been eating variations on the same two salads for the last week.
  5. Write postcards when on holiday.
    Didn't you go on holiday to get a break from all these obligations and people?!
  6. Write Christmas cards to friends and family.
    I cannot think of anything more exhausting.
  7. Go to conferences.
    Seriously. How?!