I just apped up.
  1. I should probably start by explaining that I have recently gotten to a point with my Angst and Melancholy (I'm going with the 18th century terms for class) at which it is actually useful to set goals and monitor progress. I got that advice a lot earlier in my recovery and it was thoroughly unhelpful, because I just didn't have enough juice -
    Everything was far too hard, so setting goals was just stressful and discouraging. These days, however I have built up some resilience (I slept and read a lot to get here, in case you were wondering) and setting goals feels: Positive! Exciting! Motivating! And all of those emotions which previously seemed utterly mythological. To which end, I have apped up.
  2. 10% happier : I've had this (and several other) meditation app(s) for a while, but just got the paid subscription recently. So far I'm liking it well enough, although I'm wondering if I shouldn't have gone with Headspace instead...
    it's a collection of meditation courses led by a variety of practitioners, on a variety of techniques and themes. Each session is a brief video with a meditation attached. I'm currently feeling that the courses are a bit content heavy and meditation light, but there are also plenty of stand-alone meditations, so I should probably just do some of those instead of complaining. I really like having something to "finish" with meditation (goals), so courses are helpful. Good job, Dan Harris!
  3. 5k runner: this is the original couch to 5k. It's really good. I wasn't actually at "couch" stage when I started - I probably could have started halfway in,
    But I didn't! And I'm really glad. I have big psycho-emotional blocks around sport, and starting super super easy with a new running habit was just the ticket. My Angst, try as she might, could find no evidence that I would die or suffer failure and ridicule if I went out and ran for one minute, then walked for two, and so on. It builds up gradually. Sneak change in through the back door, while your Angst isn't looking. Only way. She will shrink as you get stronger.
  4. And off the back of those two vehicles of positive change:
    (Because meditation and exercise are key in building resilience, and because I am beginning to prove to myself that I Can Do The Things...)
  5. Ink On
    A writing monitoring tool! You input your project goals and it monitors your progress, in time or words, by project or by day, or both. Just got it, but I like the looks of it.
  6. Balanced
    A habit tracker. Very simple, very effective, very pretty. Also new to me. But I am enjoying that satisfying "done" swipe.
  7. Yay for the 21st century!
    Getting a bad rap at the moment.