1. I have been walking for too long.
  2. It hurts.
  3. This place is strange, or rather, I am strange to it.
  4. Make it stop.
  5. There are some reprieves:
  6. There are good people. There is beauty here too, albeit strange to me.
  7. Like Gretel I mark a way back.
  8. I unwind the spool, drop the crumbs, shed the tears.
  9. How many times have I wept on this path?
  10. Is it Rumi who said that, wherever you are standing, the divine bowed and drew a circle around the very spot?
  11. What kind of circle was this one?
  12. This circle is hard and merciless.
  13. This circle is ravenous.
  14. It takes more than I can give.
  15. What am I to do?
  16. I have unwound such an unlikely length of thread. Crumbled all the bread. Spent, spent, spent.
  17. Is there even a way back? Or are we too deep in?
  18. You tell me you want to be here, that this is right, for you at least.
  19. And I think you are right.
  20. Taking the road less traveled makes all the difference.
  21. But it will break you.
  22. I have bet my whole ration that it will also put me back together.