1. For a very long time, we've used a 26-character alphabet
    Or a variant on it, or an equivalent system
  2. Before that, we drew pictures
  3. What is writing but the codified drawing of our thoughts and feelings?
  4. With emojis, we return to pictures.
  5. That glowing feeling we struggle to express with words becomes ❤️
  6. Friend not foe becomes 😉🙂😀
  7. Goat becomes 🐐.
  8. Humans are endlessly seeking convenience
  9. And the rise of online communication, removed from our physical communities
  10. Necessitates new forms of communication, new ways of expressing nuance.
  11. We must be able to communicate that we mean no harm when leaving an ambiguous comment
  12. Or that we were actually being sarcastic, not mean
  13. Or that our hearts are full.
  14. We must be able to express all these things with great speed and efficiency.
  15. A few hundred years from now, they will teach a class on The New Hieroglyphs
  16. They will say things like:
  17. ❤️ is how they expressed approval, affection, love
  18. 😘 is how they sent a kiss from afar
  19. 😂 is how they described those days when things are so bad they are laughable (but not actually all that bad in the scheme of things).
  20. Time is a spiral.
  21. We go forward, whilst revisiting the past.
  22. Welcome, New Hieroglyphs.