Or at least not this week
  1. On Being
    Krista Tippett's wonderfully deep, touching, challenging and soulful podcast. The antidote to dystopian news media.
  2. The growing popularity of organic, local grown, vegetarianism, veganism
    Yes, it may be a fad. Yes, it's the domain of the highly privileged. But still. Some people care.
  3. Ballet
    No explanation needed.
  4. When social media is used for social change.
    Black lives matter, feminist issues, love flash mobs. The Internet is tricky but it is a great leveler, if nothing else. The underdog now has a voice. The very fact that the most privileged are so upset right now is a good sign.
  5. Sites like change.org.
    Again, people care.
  6. When people set up Kickstarters in the aftermath of tragedy.
    For Ferguson library, for example.
  7. Stephen Pinker's theory that violence is actually decreasing in the world.
    If you think about it, it totally makes sense. People lived in tribal groups, inter-tribal violence was the norm, as was domestic violence, and so on. Whole countries now live in relative safety. This is not to say the work is done. It isn't. But overall, we might actually be on an upward curve.
  8. Remembering that the news media has a vested interest in keeping us terrified.
    Scared viewers come back for more.
  9. And everyone who keeps stubbornly making beauty in all kinds of circumstances.
    Thank you.