1. They said it would be different.
  2. I was sitting cross legged in the passenger seat, you were driving me to Italy
  3. We had left everyone behind the night before, the arms of our allies formed an archway, sending us off into this new life.
    (After speeches and a ceilidh and a long French meal)
  4. And I wondered: is it different? Is it?
  5. It wasn't.
  6. You were still you and I was still me.
  7. We hadn't even changed our names, because I didn't want to.
  8. You grew a beard and got glasses, you look older now.
  9. You learned to cook and I learned to clean.
  10. We filled in tax forms and you patiently explained the mysteries of French bureaucracy over and over again.
  11. I got a job that exhausted me.
  12. You found your masters degree far harder than you had imagined.
  13. All the change threw me into a funk from which I have yet to fully recover.
  14. But it was never about you.
  15. You are the other half. You are home.