Themes: unity, authenticity, adventure.
  1. With my husband.
    They are moments with him when I feel utterly free of artifice and full of childlike joy.
  2. Traveling alone.
    Speaking foreign languages, taking strange trains, walking strange streets and getting just a little bit lost. Makes me so. happy.
  3. Art galleries.
    Who could not be content in an art gallery? Especially if there is a place to sit and drink tea when you've been standing up for too long.
  4. At Offshore in Glasgow.
    My favourite cafe. Window seats and The Guardian.
  5. Reading curled up somewhere.
    Delicious and nutritious.
  6. Eating avocado.
    All is right with the world.
  7. Holding a small animal or person.
  8. On a horse.
    Giant snuggles? Not exactly. Kind of a giant, dramatic closeness.
  9. Paddle boarding on a clear lake.
  10. One-on-one.
    I am a listener.
  11. Meditating.
    Sometimes you can feel all that just with your own breath. It seems the secret is within. Wonder.
  12. Writing.
    But only occasionally.