To create private order and beauty is sometimes the bravest of revolutions. And if there ever was a week for a revolution...
  1. Buy some flowers for your house. 💐
    My husband picked up a cheap supermarket bouquet which was pretty poorly arranged, but the component parts separated into smaller vases and jam jars is lovely, and can be dispersed into several rooms of the house, which is perfect, really.
  2. Do the normal things.
    I find this so hard sometimes. Get up, brush teeth, eat some toast... it may all seem totally meaningless but you will feel better for it, which is why everyone does them. Promise.
  3. Do the special things.
    Make a cake (I am making this one today- gluten free guests this weekend other options I go in for: go out for coffee with a book (introvert) or a friend (extrovert or introvert needing company). Have a bath - especially if you're feeling jittery. Or whatever your thing is. An orgasm never hurt anyone (that I know of...?)
  4. Do the thing that consistently makes you feel better.
    Swimming, running, meditation, yoga, green smoothies. The only way to make them work is to practice them consistently. Get to it.
  5. Cook a real meal, taking your time, and eat it, paying attention to the feeling of feeding your body.
    Bonus points if you can find a pal for this one.
  6. And if all else fails, watch Netflix.
    But only after you've done a couple of other things. The overall effect will be better, and you'll enjoy the TV more.
  7. Ok? Ok.
    Thinking so hard of all who are grieving and horrified... much love and hope from the other side of the world.