1. That boys don't necessarily have to be boys.
    Boys can be lovely, polite and respectful.
  2. That our value is not dependent on what we produce
    And therefore that we can rest when we need to, without guilt.
  3. That we are bodily beings
    We need rest, good food, sleep, and kindness in order to be well, and in order to do our work well.
  4. That being thin isn't a passport to belonging
    Just belong now.
  5. That talking about it usually helps
    Whatever it is.
  6. That art doesn't have to be about excellence
    It can just be for you.
  7. That it's ok to be weak, to not be able to do it, to not have a steady job or to not be a parent or or or...
    You are not a social category. You are a person. Let your being sit there.
  8. Our culture's yardsticks are broken.
    Let's make some new ones.