I downloaded The List App after seeing BJ Novak speaking in my school, being all kinds of awesome and adorable. After browsing the app at around 3-4 in the morning, I had many ideas for lists I wanted to write. Soon, they became too many to keep track of in my head, and I decided to make a list on my phone. That's when the irony struck me.
  1. The farthest I've travelled to
  2. Things I wish upon my enemies
  3. Things I know nothing about
  4. Fun things to do while on house arrest
  5. 5 photos on my phone, chosen at random
  6. What I wanted to be growing up, chronologically
  7. First few purchases if I won the lottery
  8. Guilty pleasures
  9. If I were stuck in a deserted island with only three TV series
  10. My life mottos
  11. People I'd like to be for a day
  12. Photos that show up when you Google search my name
  13. Childhood crushes
  14. Ted talks I feel qualified to give
  15. President/Vice President combos I would 100% vote for
  16. Things I learned freshman year
  17. Alternate names for myself
  18. My squad goals
  19. Underrated things that I'm miserable without
  20. Some things that impress me
  21. Crayola crayon colors that should exist
  22. My favorite slam poems
  23. My favorite stand-up specials
  24. Best live shows I've been to
  25. If I could have dinner with 5 people from history
  26. Words I want to incorporate to my everyday vocabulary
  27. My favorite inventions of history
  28. Alternative meanings to emojis
  29. Favorite chocolate brands
  30. Favorite YouTube channels
  31. Favorite podcasts
  32. Reasons why I'm a feminist
  33. Colors, ranked
  34. Things Everyone Bashes that I will defend till I die
  35. Things I love but forget about
  36. Things I do regularly that I know are terrible for me