I have a computer science project due in 3 hours. It is very difficult and stressful and confusing and frustrating. If only I started this earlier than 9 hours ago. This is a list of things I'd rather be doing.
  1. Play cards in the lounge with my hall-mates
    Or play Catan, or watch South Park, or listen to music, or talk, or sit in silence. I just want to get out of my room and see something other than my computer screen.
  2. Binge watch Parks and Rec or The Office
    I know this goes against my earlier post about wanting to be away from my computer screen. Deal with it.
  3. Work on my self-portrait
    Which is due on Wednesday and I'm not even halfway through. I should really start my projects earlier. I'm shit at managing my time.
  4. Listen to a podcast
    So many unheard episodes! The little red bubble is driving me crazy.
  5. Take a long hot shower
    And, of course, blast music from my waterproof bluetooth speakers, heck yeah! Plus, it's cold here in Rochester.
  6. Walk aimlessly around my dorm
    If only to show that I have absolutely nothing to do with my time.
  7. My psychology homework
    This just proves how annoyed I am with this CS project. Honestly, who's ever said: "Man, I'd love to do my psych homework right now! Nothing sounds better"? No one, that's who.
  8. Eat carrots.
    I fucking hate carrots.
  9. Literally anything.
    Except perhaps rip out my eyelashes one by one or get kicked in the nose by a kangaroo.