1. Make a strong effort to obtain your news, particularly world and political news, from multiple sources
  2. Constantly review the accuracy of news sources you use, and call them out for verifiable inaccuracies
  3. Seek out journalistic sources that demonstrate a motivation to report truthfully, accurately, and without political bias
  5. Read your Federal Constitution
  6. Take an online citizenship practice test
  7. Read your state's Constitution
  8. Review/learn how your state's government functions
  9. Review/learn how our Federal government's political system works
  10. If you're a follower of Christ, read and remember Matthew 25:31-46
  11. Live by the Golden Rule
  12. Get involved in organizations that support your values, especially locally
  13. Vote in all elections, including local elections
  14. Get informed on the issues affecting your city, county, state, country and fellow citizens
  15. Love and respect your fellow citizens
  16. Learn the beauty of diversity and the pain of passing judgement
  17. Explore and learn more about other Faith's, reigions and cultures
  18. Volunteer in your community helping others less fortunate
  19. Believe that you have the right to affordable healthcare, higher education and a liveable wage
  20. Understand that two things can be true, but one or more can still be very bad
    i.e. Russia hacking with the intent of influencing US elections and Trump winning legitimately under our Electoral College system while losing the popular vote by 2.86 million votes
  21. Understand that of course all lives matter, however POC have overwhelming cause to feel that theirs don't seem to matter as much when enforcing the law or deciding when to use lethal force
  22. Let love rule...#LoveisLove
  23. Resist