moving from Texas to PA was weird and it's interesting to be a minority here
  1. I'm usually the only Hispanic in the room
  2. Mexican restaurants in the area are trash
    kids at school ask me if i like Chipotle or Moes better. i weep for them
  3. people assume I was born in Mexico
    I've been asked so many times whether I have all my papers (from peers, not cops)
  4. constantly explaining my traditions and views. it's fun to inform people about who I am but it also makes me sad that I have to
  5. people are surprised when I tell them I'm not white
    I'm pretty light skinned for a Mexican and I feel like I have to defend my color.
  6. sharing food
    I'm saving all the people up here who've never had homemade tamales before
  7. getting recognition and scholarships for standing out amongst the other Hispanics in my area
    which isn't hard considering there's like 3 Mexicans besides me in the state
  8. any time family members come visit we have a list of products we can't buy here
  9. i feel unique but isolated, it's hard to explain