1. 9.
    Scott Conant
    he's a jerk and I don't like it
  2. 8.
    Chris Santos
    honestly I don't have an opinion
  3. 7.
    Aarón Sánchez
    funny but kind of boring
  4. 6.
    Maneet Chauhan
    nice but also kind of boring
  5. 5.
    Marcus Samuelsson
    what a SWEETHEART
  6. 4.
    Amanda Freitag
    everyone loves Amanda
  7. 3.
    Geoffrey Zakarian
    I usually agree with him
  8. 2.
    Marc Murphy
    the best. straight forward and doesn't waste my time A+
  9. 1.
    Alex Guarnaschelli
    witty and nice but not afraid to point out when someone's erred