1. I don't like hamburgers
    they're disgusting I hate thinking about them
  2. shows like Sherlock and Limitless make me feel inferior and I don't like watching them
    my intelligence is a big part of my identity and I don't like having it challenged
  3. I still use Pandora
    I've had Pandora for years and I've already liked so many songs so I don't want to start over again with Spotify or something else
  4. I sing in the shower
    I feel like most people do tho
  5. I still sleep with a nightlight
  6. I've never seen Star Wars
    I'm sorry
  7. I'm mildly allergic to cauliflower
  8. my first reaction to meeting new people is to immediately dislike them until they prove me otherwise
    it's really messed up, I know but I'm trying to not be such a judging person
  9. I'm too scared to learn to drive
  10. I play minesweeper
    I'm actually oddly proud of this? I learned accidentally during a twitch stream and it's become an obsession
  11. I really want to shave off all my hair but I'm also terrified of the result
  12. Holden Caulfield is the one literary character I can really relate to but I don't say this often because everyone hates him
    but honestly we're basically the same person
  13. I take my coffee black