1. this year I'm taking AP Calc BC with a small class of 12 other people
  2. it's a tradition now to set up a fantasy Calc game that lasts all year long
  3. we split into 2 teams of 6, which will also split in half for group quizzes (4 teams of 3)
    one kid didn't want to play :/
  4. team names are pending
  5. we're still figuring out the scoring system but here's what we have so far:
  6. 1. we will average the middle 4 scores on each team so no one person carries or drags down their team
  7. 2. perfects are worth bonus points
  8. 3. quizzes are worth less than tests
  9. 4. we will have a trading period at the end of each quarter
    there's still a lot to figure out with this one but we have time
  10. even the teacher is cool with it
  11. we're planning on making an official rule book and handing it to her when we graduate so the next BC kids can play too
  12. this one kid in class never takes notes so we asked him to keep track of the scoring and stuff
    but instead of writing this all down or even doing an excel spreadsheet, I'm pretty sure he's programming his calculator somehow
  13. I'm pretty excited to play. it's a lot of fun and everyone was really into it when we were discussing the rules
    there was even talk of making trading cards
  14. maybe I'll list a quarterly update?