I just need to get this all out, you know? I would appreciate prayers if any of y'all are into that but that's all.
  1. I have been dealing with depression and anxiety since I was around 11.
  2. I haven't seen my therapist in about 3 months because my dad got a new job and there's something about the insurance or whatever
  3. my parents are getting a divorce
  4. my dad has already moved to Houston, Texas (we live outside of Pittsburgh, PA)
  5. he already has a girlfriend
  6. despite this, I've forgiven him for never being a real dad and we've been working in building a good relationship
  7. but recently he's been ignoring us
  8. and my parents fight a lot so I feel caught in the middle of all this
  9. I'm applying to college
  10. we couldn't afford to pay for my sister's schooling (she graduated high school last year) so i basically have to get a full ride if i want to go anywhere
  11. scholarships are tedious and i don't have the time
  12. my grades are dropping.
  13. I thought I was valedictorian but i'm actually ranked 7th
  14. I might get my first B ever on a report card and I'm afraid of how i'll react if that's true
  15. my younger brother is showing signs of anxiety and I feel extremely guilty about it
  16. everything is happening and i feel so overwhelmed
  17. I know i'll get through this though. I believe God will pull me through this
  18. thank you for listening to me complain. I appreciate list for the strong community.
  19. y'all don't have to worry about me