1. all my life i've felt like an old man trapped in a young girl's body
  2. i feel like that'll always be true. it's part of who i am and i love it
  3. except i've always felt too mature for my age and there's lots of typical "teenage" stuff that doesn't appeal to me
  4. BUT
  5. tonight I feel like a 16 year old girl for maybe the first time ever
  6. !!!!
  7. I'm texting one of my friends about her crush and she's sending me screenshots of their conversation and i'm helping her decide what to say next
  8. it's 9:30 and i'm not asleep yet
    although I am in bed so i'll probably snooze after this list
  9. I made plans for how i'll do my hair next and what color i'll paint my nails
  10. I went shopping with my sister today and got some cute clothes
  11. I didn't have tons of homework so I had more free time
    plus i didn't go insane trying to figure out calc or physics
  12. it's been so nice to connect to my age group. i hope this happens again and more often
  13. i still love being an old soul though. it's who I am and I wouldn't change it if I could