by far my favorite Disney movie
  1. Julie Andrews
    she's so beautiful and plays the character so amazingly well. Mary Poppins (and my third grade teacher) instilled respect and manners in my life.
  2. this dress
  3. Mary Poppins' entrance
    you knew something was going down when this lady flew in on an umbrella
  4. Mr.Banks works at a bank
  5. speaking of
    I love how Michael asking for his $$ starts a literal riot in the bank
  6. the MUSIC
    all the songs are amazing and the dancing! especially step in time
  7. she can talk to animals
    very much like my second favorite powerpuff girl
  8. Dick Van Dyke
    I'll pretend his accent doesn't exist
  9. Feed the birds
    this song adds a touch of solemnity at exactly the right moment and it works so well
  10. this guy
    "Greenwich, they say, takes its time from Admiral Boom"
  11. Mary Poppins and Bert
    they're so in LOVE
    <3 Ed Wynn
  13. Everything about this scene
  14. It's such a magical movie
    it was the first of its time to achieve such a whimsical feeling. the live action and animation of the whole chalk scene was phenomenal. Mary Poppins herself is a miracle.
  15. I cry every time I watch it
    it's beautiful and touches my heart
  16. I seriously love this movie
    it's so magical and innocent and profound and I love how Mr. Banks changes and my dream job is do be Mary Poppins in one of the Disney parks. not really jk