this has been my school routine for the last 3 years
  1. 5:15/5:30 wake up and shower
  2. 5:40/5:50 get out of shower and do my hair
    i used to braid it everyday but now i leave it natural and let it air dry
  3. 5:50-6:05 eat cereal downstairs and feed the cat
  4. 6:05-6:30 chill
    i only wake up so early so my hair can be semi-dry by the time school starts (7:45) so i have about a half hour every morning where i'm not doing anything
  5. 6:30-6:50 brush teeth, pick out school clothes, put on deodorant, etc
  6. 6:50-6:53
    gather all my books and notes because they're always all over my house from doing homework the previous night
  7. 6:54 i'm out the door waiting for my bus
  8. 7:20 bus gets to school. i usually read in the band room while i wait for school to start
  9. 7:45 bell rings, time for learning