Everybody Hates Chris
  1. Static
  2. Poor Chris. Winters can be so tough when you don't have heat.
  3. Chris, I hope you weren't too busy taking care of all your half-brothers and sisters to study.
  4. I know that nicotine, pork rinds, and malt liquor are a black man's vices
  5. Chris, I heard you got a father. Cool!
  6. Sometimes I forget how strong your people are
  7. If your people can't afford to pay cash, I'll see if they'll accept food stamps
  8. If you think white people are smart, wait until you get to class with the Asians
  9. you're like a chocolate Einstein!
  10. Thank you, Chris. It's hard because I don't have 19 or 20 other siblings like you.
  11. It's people like you, Chris, that make the ghetto a better place to live
  12. Your people have a natural facility for deception. Use it to your advantage