kennywood is a small amusement park right outside of Pittsburgh and I went today with my high school band as part of a festival
  1. it's called the Fall Festival
  2. except it's held in summer
  3. and there's a Santa Claus at the end of the parade
  4. my sister got stung by a bee while we were riding a roller coaster
    it was hilarious because what are the odds
  5. I had to pay $13 for a pulled pork sandwich and a lemonade
  6. the Girl Scouts were there also
    but we didn't run into the thin mint mascot :/
  7. the squishy whale tongue is back at Noah's ark!
  8. I met a super creepy animatronic named Laffin' Sal
    I didn't take this picture but that's her
  9. I called my grandma while in line for a ride
  10. snapped this disturbing behind the scenes photo
  12. there was also a lot of sawdust-covered puke