1. Steven
    I would marry him
  2. Encarnación
    "have you ever been in love with a nun?"
  3. it's set in Mexico
    there's very little American movies set in Mexico. plus Jack Black gets to do a horrendous Spanish accent
  4. this face
  5. it's hilarious because of how dumb it is
  6. apparently it's inspired by real life?
    this old priest wrestled for money for his parish. his stage name was Fray Tormenta (Friar Storm)
  7. the camerawork is nice
    lots of symmetry and a pleasing color palette
  8. this face
  9. Chancho
    he's so adorable and chancho is slang for pig in Spanish
  10. it's so quotable
    not a day goes by that this movie isn't relevant in my life in some way. actually know that I think about it I probably just force it into conversation
  11. the music
    mr. loco is the bomb and his songs are catchy and all the lyrics are appropriate for the movie
  12. luchadores
    wrestling + masks = my fave pastime
  13. the religious context doesn't make it weird
  14. always in the mood for slapstick done right
  15. it's such a cute movie
    do yourself a favor and watch it if you haven't. you'll either love it like I do or hate it (and in turn hate me). oh well