1. 10.
    Dr. Phil
    do people actually watch his show outside of hospital waiting rooms?
  2. 9.
    Phil Coulson
    he's still dead sorry
  3. 8.
    Phil of the Future
    catchy opening but I actually wasn't allowed to watch this show
  4. 7.
    @andersun cyclist extraordinaire
  5. 6.
    Punxsutawney Phil
    I trust him
  6. 5.
    Phil DeVille
    he's a pretty chill rugrat
  7. 4.
    Phil Dunphy
  8. 3.
    Phil Hartman
  9. 2.
    Phil Collins
    great songs especially in Tarzan
  10. 1.
    Phil Kessel
    omg he's adorable and I'm so glad Toronto ignored his amazing talent because now he's a penguin