1. it was a radioactive egg from the Muppets
    i have no explanation
  2. I'm going for a record
    one lady has had 26 trips to the OR and 50 procedures. she is having more surgery tomorrow and we prayed for her safety and healing
  3. He's Haitian so he'll blend right in the darkness of the night
    someone had their car broken into twice this week so the teacher (jokingly) suggested her husband sleep in the car because of his natural camouflage?
  4. no one has permission to steal from us
    no one at all. don't let any person or the enemy take anything from you. not your health, possessions, joy, or peace of mind
  5. we're working on our progress
    i can't tell is this is clever or she just forgot the actual phrase
  6. Who do we believe in? it's not Mickey Mouse, not Trump, not Hillary
  7. Abraham dealt with some drama and maybe a little trauma
    Bible studies always have a thing with alliteration or rhyming or some extended metaphor
  8. You're normal Lisa, congratulations!
    Lisa was healed of stomach issues!
  9. The lineage of Christ included a prostitute (Rahab)
    never judge people & know God can use you no matter how sinful you think you are