next week is the last week of this particular study we're doing :(
  1. "I don't recall God calling me sweetie but he certainly got my attention"
    "That's because He said it before your ears got healed!"
  2. I'm so glad i'm not Sarah. God gave her a newborn at age 90
  3. My Greek is not what it should be
  4. Can you imagine an 80 year old grandma in a mini skirt? and gogo boots! Remember gogo boots?
  5. speak up, you're murmuring
    the teacher is late 30s (ish) and she said this to a woman about 40 years her senior :/
  6. We have freedom to fail
    God loves us so much He gives us free will
  7. The prodigal son was broke, busted, and disgusted
  8. God loves you as if you were the only one to love