1. breadcrumbs in my butter
  2. when people don't pronounce the first r in February
  3. people are fans of Napoleon Dynamite and yet hate Nacho Libre??
    they're both written and directed by Jared Hess so this doesn't make sense don't hate on my movie
  4. candy canes that aren't peppermint
  5. TLC (the tv channel)
    it's so bad but so addicting
  6. haircuts
    I've never had a horrible haircut but I've also never had one I've been in love with so..... it's more of a stressful chore really
  7. car turning signals
    they're NEVER in sync
  8. book jackets
  9. my best list ideas come when I'm falling asleep
    meaning I have to fully wake up and write it down before I forget it