just thinking out loud. i'm only 16 but i watched about 15 hallmark movies this weekend so i've got romance/marriage on the mind. it's really nothing but a girl writing out silly ideas
  1. with a sense of humor
    if you can't make me laugh go home
  2. i can argue with
    please be interesting and stand up for things. i love to play devil's advocate and analyze everything
  3. honest
    be straightforward. speak your mind. i won't spend a lot of effort trying to get you to speak up
  4. thick skinned
    i say a lot of mean things. i know what gets to people and i will use your weaknesses against you when i feel i need to. you have been warned
  5. who loves music and movies and books
    i can't live without music. when we watch movies together i want your opinion and analysis. teach me a new perspective so i can appreciate the art more
  6. leaves me alone when i need it
    listen i get tired
  7. steady
    this is a zero tolerance zone
  8. who understands
    sometimes i can't explain myself. other times i can and if i'm emotionally dependent on you, you better be reliable or else i'll end you
  9. thoughtful
    help me see the world the way you do. i want someone who appreciates the way i think as much as i will them. if you're content with small talk i'm done
  10. optimistic
    balance me out please or else i'll lose it
  11. strong
    someone to stop me when i go too far. or someone to encourage me when i'm too afraid to move
  12. real
    life is hard and we need to work together to get anything done. be 100 with me
  13. fun
    i love to have fun and share it with other people. be my friend first and foremost
  14. alright i'm done.