1. 12.
    Tim Tebow
    I vaguely remember him
  2. 11.
    Tim Duncan
    the only sport i care about is hockey but i respect him
  3. 10.
    Tim Horton
  4. 9.
    Tim McGraw
    I've only ever heard Don't Take the Girl but it made me cry (I was 11)
  5. 8.
    Tim Burton
    I'm a fan but y'all have to admit he's overrated
  6. 7.
    Tim Hawkins
    genuinely funny when i'm in the mood
  7. 6.
    Tim Allen
    I watched a lot of Home Improvement as a kid
  8. 5.
    Tim Curry
    the cutest
  9. 4.
    Tim Omundson
  10. 3.
    Tim Drake
    he deduced the dynamic duo's identities and calmed Batman down after Jason Todd. he's pretty impressive
  11. 2.
    Tim Gunn
    his advice is golden. I'm sure he would fix my life
  12. 1.
    Tiny Tim
    God bless