Inspired by @Jaycer17 honestly one of the coolest list ideas hope this trends so hard
  1. Name
    Analyce Bella Hernandez
  2. Goes by
    Ana, Annie (only my mother), to tease me my friends call me anal lice
  3. DOB/ height/ weight
    01/03/00, 5'2", 140 lbs
  4. Loves
    family, reading, clowns, math, learning, beavers, tamales, baking, musicals, classic rock, puzzles, snow
  5. Hates
    people with huge egos, ignorance, electronic music, tomatoes, boredom, noise
  6. Will admit
    i'm currently reading and enjoying twilight, i lie impulsively, i kind of (?) believe in soul mates
  7. is curious about
    space, math, what my cat is thinking, why my friend skipped out on me, how curly hair works, capturing the candid personality of everyone
  8. in the near future will
    go to college
  9. really wants to
    sing well, play accordion, discover something about the universe, see the northern lights, get about a million tattoos