my name is Analyce (Ana-lease) and although I appreciate having a unique name it sucks sometimes
    I understand it's difficult to get it right on the first try but I've had people call me Ana-lice and even anal-ice before.
  2. feeling left out
    they'll make fifteen variations of Katharine/Catharine/Kate/Cat/Kitty etc. but no Analyce
  3. I'll never know what my name means.
    I can look up Anna but I only have one n :(((
  4. insincere compliments
    "that's so..unique"
  5. my siblings' names are Jeremiah and Alexis
    why me
  6. the SAT form requires you to write the first four letters of your first name on the answer sheet
    on the most important document of my life so far I had to write "anal"
  7. my mom says she got my name from a song
    which would be a nice sentimentality if she remembered the song