1. while this may sound dramatic i can't remember a time i've ever liked myself
  2. from a young age i also showed immense academic success and since neither of my parents graduated high school, they pushed me to always do my best
  3. school was easy until AP classes came along
  4. for once in my life I struggled with school and I had to work so hard to keep all As
  5. i felt like a failure
  6. i'm very introverted so making friends has always been a problem for me
  7. the first real friend group I had was in 8th grade but I then moved to PA halfway through 9th
  8. my depression worsened after the move
  9. i cut for a while in secrecy but i begged my parents to let me see a therapist
  10. they didn't believe me until I told them I wanted to die
    i don't blame them anymore. they're old fashioned
  11. they tried to make things better for me but still no counseling
  12. i took AP US History my sophomore year
  13. anxiety soon followed
  14. it wasn't until i had a panic attack that my parents agreed therapy was a good idea
  15. i've been going for almost a year now and the help i received is incomparable
  16. i hope this list goes around and people realize seeing a therapist isn't a weakness
  17. i've got a long ways to go as far as getting better but going to counseling is a big step forward