Inspired by the one and only @bjnovak
  1. He's Indian and we're not related
    My family is so large that we've discussed how I'd need to learn the brown guy's family tree before I date him (it's funny until it's not)
  2. He's Indian and we are related
    New family member, y'all !
  3. Guys that are so fiscally responsible, they look like they drink cereal milk with a straw
  4. Guys that are heavily invested in yoga and mantras
    Ugh, that probably means he's a hippie; pass
  5. Guys that don't wear ties with plaid dress shirts
    This one is for me. Everyone stop accepting this as a thing that's okay.
  6. Guys that are just white enough to make beautiful racially ambiguous yet exotic children with
  7. Guys with chest hair
    Also one for me, but I think my dad would appreciate the masculinity
  8. Guys that respect their daughter
    The only real thing that matters (other than the chest hair part)