Working at Big Beach Films
  1. I will wake up too early- maybe at 5am
  2. I'll eat breakfast and bring a book that I will not read on the commute to NYC
  3. I will arrive either two minutes early or right at 10am
  4. There will be an orientation of some sort
  5. I will write over and over again in my notebook how hard shitless I am
  6. I will do some work- stay at my desk and never look up (i'm doing script coverage for the summer)
  7. Will I have enough balls to ask for a lunch break- who knows?
  8. I will try to make some small talk of some sort to people but I suck at that so hopefully no one will talk to me
  9. I will leave exactly at 6pm
  10. I will pretend to read again on my commute home but really daydream instead