@meowmeow let me know if I missed anything
  1. Wears lace pants and a black chiffon negligée around the house in the morning
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  2. Maybe/maybe doesn't use our shampoo
  3. Very goth maybe a witch
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    Wears all black every day and has lots of candles and tiny jars full of things in his room
  4. Somehow never home
  5. Regularly wears a bondage harness as an accessory
  6. Currently dating an anarchist
  7. They audibly bang often
  8. Once (maybe ironically) to top 40s pop while @meowmeow was in the living room
    She came (loudly!) to where R Ü now by Justin Bieber (goals)
  9. Works at a fancy bar while maintaining #punk lifestyle
  10. We had a party and he RSVP'd "maybe" on the Facebook event
    then showed up 3 hours late and put on his negligée
  11. On his birthday his grandma sent him a box of stuff from the thrift store and inside were baggy jeans and an American Eagle polo and he put them on, popped the collar, sagged his pants, and then left for the #punk bars!!!
  12. Has a blue light
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  13. Has a middle school S stick and poke over his heart
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