Sometimes, usually, dudes have no idea what's going on.
  1. If she starts the conversation at an ice breaking event
  2. If she says "hi"... ever
  3. If she makes extended eye contact... whether or not you're strangers or acquaintances
  4. If she makes any kind of eye contact... whether or not you're strangers or acquaintances
  5. If she smiles at you... whether or not you're strangers or acquaintances
  6. If she asks you for directions
  7. If she asks for your opinion on something
  8. If she asks you to be her +1 somewhere
  9. If she initiates a text message with you
  10. If she answers a question you ask her with more than a "yes" or "no"
  11. If she shares an interest in a similar thing as you
  12. If she laughs at your jokes
  13. If she hugs you
  14. If she high-fives you
  15. If she compliments you on how you look/what you're wearing
  16. If she comments on your FB status
  17. If she writes on your wall on FB
  18. If she likes you FB status
  19. If she likes your Instagram posts
  20. If she comments on your Instagram posts
  21. If she invites you to dinner
  22. If she talks to you
  23. If she says "hi" to your parents
  24. If she touches your arm and/or leg while laughing at your joke(s)
  25. If, when you're walking a dog, she stops you to pet the dog/compliment how cute the dog is
  26. If she asks you for advice on something
  27. If she talks with you instead of her boyfriend at a party/social gathering
  28. If she takes a selfie with you
  29. If she tells you to get in a picture with her
  30. If she says you should do things together in the future, i.e. travel somewhere, eat at a particular place, or just hang out in general
  31. If she and you share inside jokes
  32. If, when she's your boss, she tells you that you're the best worker
  33. If she says she "misses you"
  34. If, when you're co-workers, she says "you're the coolest co-worker" or something to that effect
  35. If she says that you're "nice"
  36. If she talks to you, like, at all