2017 Resolutions

Things I actually want to accomplish by the end of 2017, I have a good feeling about this year -inspired by @madisen and her list to set some goals myself
  1. Eat better
    treating myself every once and a while has turned into constant junk and my body deserves better
  2. Spend less time on social media
    Twitter and Instagram consumed my 2016 and i'd like spend more time enjoying the present. cut it down to 5 hours a week maybe?
  3. Clean regularly
    do your bed as soon as you get up. clean your room once a week. mop when you need to. no excuses this year
  4. Talk to my grandparents more
    text or call them once a week, it makes them happy
  5. Take more pictures
    take pictures when you're on dates, take pictures of pretty flowers, take pictures with people just because you want to remember them
  6. Read!!!!
    i used to be able to finish 3 books a week, and now it's turned into 3 books a year. get back into it, there's so many books you haven't read yet
  7. Buy clothes you actually want
    i buy things impulsively and end up with a wardrobe where i only actually like about half my clothes, i want 2017 to be the year where i love everything i wear