1. Don't offer unsolicited advice or tips about feeding, nursing, sleep-training, dressing, nursery decor, parenting or bottle feeding. Stay away from questions like "Is she overdressed?" "Do you have enough milk?" "Have you thought about enrolling her in the right preschool?"
  2. Keep your mouth shut. Do a lot of proactive helping, cleaning up, grocery shopping, errands. Action always speaks louder than words to a first or anytime postpartum mother. Don't ask "how can I help?; rather offer helpful things you can do for the new parents.
  3. Know that the new mother is experiencing the 4th trimester of pregnancy and is not eager to pass her baby around like a sack of potatoes. Give your daughter or daughter-in-law space and time to bond as much as she wants to. There will be plenty of time for bonding in the near future.
  4. Don't barge in unannounced. New parents need space and time to experience the new member of their family. Don't expect an "open door" policy as they orient to the baby and a new life style. Don't take it personally or be offended.
  5. Respect the new parents and their practices and childcare philosophies. Do, however, let them know that you are always a heart beat away when needed.