1. Guy Fieri's Hawaiian Disco Mountain Dew Food 'n' Fuck Pad
    Formerly midtown
  2. The Back Area of The Bodega That Smells of Cockroach Repellent and Votive Candles
  3. Arthritic Jewess Orders off of Overpriced Diner Menu from 1994
    formerly upper west side
  4. Jay & Bey's Palatial Black Marble Foyer
    formerly TriBeCa
  5. Giant Writhing Pit of French Bulldogs
    formerly Williamsburg
  6. The WhiteTeen Colonies
    outerborough Brooklyn
  7. Tory Burch Nation
    Formerly upper east side
  8. Empty Cubicle w/a Scotch-Taped Poster of Patrick Bateman
    Formerly the financial district