1. Noise music
    I once listened to all of "Metal Machine Music" Lou Reed's hour-long album of guitar feedback, because a boy I liked told me to
  2. Sex in public
    I got nervous midway through and now I still don't know what happens in the second half of The Fantastic Mr. Fox
  3. Lamb with Mint Jelly
    all I remember is the sound of a grandfather clock ticking while my grand-aunt watched me with an expectant smile. I vomited in the backyard and blamed it on the dog
  4. Chuck Palahniuk
    Arguably the low point of my adolescence
  5. Karaoke
    I like to think I was charmingly bad a la Cameron Diaz in My Best Friend's Wedding, but it's not the same when you're in a tiny Chinese bar and the lyrics to the (preselected) Afroman song are written in Mandarin.
  6. Crack cocaine
    Okay you can't just encourage someone to smoke crack at a party then leave them in your car for an hour with nothing but a Shins CD and a copy of The Crucible