1. The Cloisters garden
    Especially on freezing cold days - even New Jersey looks romantic from atop the bluffs
  2. The periodicals reading room at the main branch public library
    Grand & cozy, perfectly lit no matter what time of day, and always empty save for a hasid in the corner reading a Yiddish newspaper on a wooden baton
  3. West Side Highway bike path near 125th st
    There are mulberries in the summer!
  4. Weekend Sunrise, Brooklyn Bridge
    No commuters, pre-joggers. Watch sleepy Manhattan go from hazy purple to gold
  5. East Village Books
    Tiny, cramped & massively disorganized, so you can actually get lost browsing. Reading garden in the back with crates to sit on
  6. The Russian Turkish Baths near St. Mark's
    fragrant birch branches in the steam sauna. pierogi & wine on the roof.
  7. Janet Cardiff's '40 part motet' at MoMA ps1
    Never anywhere near as insane as the main joint across the river. A sprawling, sunny room with some on-point acoustics. Take a nap.
  8. The roof of any apartment building you can bluff your way into on a summer evening
    There's always a way up, and always a lattice with fairy lights and a little garden with "free" baby strawberries or tomatoes
  9. A matinee at Cobble Hill Cinemas
    It's just you, some old ladies on friend date, and a mom with a sleeping kid
  10. Your favorite café, 9 AM Sunday
    The pastries have just been delivered and nobody will be there for another hour
  11. Burp Castle
    If you’re too rowdy, you will be scolded. No, really: bartenders—who may don monk’s robes, in keeping with the theme—will issue a drawn out shhhh, forcing louder drinkers to bring their voices down.
    Suggested by @aminatou
  12. Governors Island
    A four minute ferry ride from lower Manhattan and Pier 6 in Brooklyn. There are rolling hills with hammocks and it is surprisingly serene.
    Suggested by @shantaroo