(Least receded to most)
  1. Jon Anderson, drawing
    Aggressive hairline, so far forward it was practically in the front row. Helped me embrace doubt, develop grace
  2. Maritza Salgueiro Carlisle, Spanish
    The gold standard for middleaged woman's hairlines. I was in high school taking a night class at Bakersfield College. She like me, was kind to me, and only a little intimidating
  3. David Turner, philosophy
    A hair inspiration. Truly impeccable. Introduced me to the idea of the sublime in art and nature. Also the idea of the fittingness of a work of art to it's subject
  4. Susan Greenberg, narrative nonfiction
    High forehead, low expectations. One of my favorites in London, though. Introduced me to long form journalistic writing—actually prepare me quite a bit for what I do now. Wrote about my dad's harrowing rock climbing misadventure. Got hooked on Krakauer, Kerouac
  5. Paul Buchanan, writing
    Great head of hair for a guy his age. Taught me that good writing is all about the particular. Showed me Tobias Wolff, Karen Russell, Ralph Lombreglia
  6. John Calley, sculpture
    Kept his hair short, receding hairline discreet. Deepened my appreciation for the materiality of things. Approved of my big-cube-of-raw-ground-beef sculpture
  7. Todd Pickett, spiritual development
    80% bald, but boy he compensate with that 20% hair. A cloud. A wisp of cotton candy. The tuft of down feathers below a chicken's tail. No metaphor does it justice. Tught me the importance of developing rhythms in life, of caring for the soul, of meditation