An odyssey
  1. Sunday: This soup is incredibly delicious. I must be a chef.
    *checks resume* (no sign of being a chef)
  2. Monday: This soup sure shows all of last year's eat-at-my-desk lunches who's boss.
    Suck it, Two-Slices-of-Toast-with-Peanut-Butter
  3. Tuesday: This soup is pretty good.
    I am glad that I am eating this soup.
  4. Wednesday: The broccoli in this soup is getting pretty soggy. The sausage is chewier than I remember.
    *scrolls through Facebook while eating*
  5. Thursday: I don't really want to eat this soup.
    Eats it anyway.
  6. Friday: I absolutely do not want to eat this soup.
    *authors 294-page book entitled 'Living with Regret'*
  7. Saturday: 💀