What's up, my (not yet) friend. Here's a little info about me, since my lists have been sparse.
  1. I live in Los Angeles (love it) and work for @LAmag (love it)
    I also run the @LAmag List App account, but I've been slackin' lately because I got promoted and training for the new job is craaaazy right now.
  2. I like reading
    Adam Johnson's 'Fortune Smiles' was a highlight this year. I also read 'Ready Player One' a few weeks ago. So fun. (Fave books of the year list to come.)
  3. I like rock climbing
    Okay, so I'm just getting into it, doing a lot of indoor climbing. My forearms are so tired.
  4. I like listening to podcasts
    The usual. This American Life, Serial, Startup, Mystery Show, 99% Invisible, etc.
  5. @natienat3693 is my girlfriend
    She's great. Arguably 8th best girlfriend nationwide.
  6. What I might want as a gift:
  7. Anything unique to where you live would be awesome
    Prepackaged food (like a hot sauce or candy) is fine.
  8. Anything that's interesting/significant to you
    What do you care about?
  9. Preferably things that aren't made of plastic
    Unless it's just super cool or Legos.
  10. I'm a size L shirt
    (32 32 pants, because you know, just in case)
  11. Whatever—I'm easy to please
  12. 1,000,000 thanks to @ChrisK for making this happen. You are a saint.