1. This is what he says:
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  2. Yes! Yessssssssss.
    Should I wait until Christmas? No.
  3. I enter my apartment. This is what I see.
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    (That's @avocadont on the right.)
  4. 👀
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  5. 👀
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  6. 👀
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  7. It's from Yonkers.
    Reasons that's cool: 1. Setting of "Show Me a Hero," one of my fave shows this year 2. Up there with Albuquerque & Kalamazoo on the Funnest City Names To Pronounce list 3. New York is cool
  8. I open it. Inside are:
  9. A tiny mug...
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    Yes! I only sort of like coffee. This mug will hold the exact amount of coffee I desire.
  10. ...that's wrapped in bags from a store I've never heard of, but where, apparently, you get more for your dollar
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  11. This book about happiness
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    "I enjoy psych-based, non-fictional books on emotional intelligence, creativity, etc.," my secret Santa wrote in the card (which I'll get to).
  12. Bonbons
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    Enough said.
  13. An Upright Citizens Brigade sticker
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    ...because my secret Santa has recently gotten into improv (which is SO cool). I love playing improv games with my friends from my hometown—but I've never tried in front of an audience before.
  14. And the nicest card explaining each item
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    ...in list form, of course
  15. I discover that my secret Santa is Kristin Nalivaika
    Hi, @nalivodka! Thanks for the gifts! They're perfect 😊. So fun to get a peek into your life. Totally made my week. A very merry Christmas to you!
  16. Oh, and...
    Many, many thanks to @ChrisK (a god among men!) for taking on this wonderful project.